I am looking forward to taking a larger role in teaching and mentoring students. At present, I work full time on research projects. My plans are to gradually ramp up my teaching experience in the coming years where opportunities arise, hopefully in my areas of interest and specialty. Eligible topics could include Earth and planetary geology, geomorphology, surface processes, remote sensing, GIS and natural hazards. My past teaching experience includes being an instructor for an introductory geology course at a community college, a lab instructor for laboratory sections of introductory geoscience and occasionally guest lecturing. These experiences have been both positive and challenging. I look forward to teaching upper level coursework in my field. I’ve been frequently told that I’m a good teach, and I particularly enjoy opportunities to help students in the field.

Institution Date Role Courses
University of Arizona Spring 2016 Guest Instructor Geology/Geophysics of the Solar System (PTYS 411)
Northern Virginia Community College Spring 2014 Guest lecturer Historical Geology (GOL 106)
Fall 2013 Instructor Physical Geology (GOL 105)
University of Pittsburgh 2007-2010 Guest lecturer Natural Disasters (GEOL 0820), Introduction to Remote Sensing (GEOL 1460), Advanced Geohazards and Risk Management (GEOL 2640)
2005-2006 Lab Instructor Natural Disasters (GEOL 0820)
University of South Carolina 2000-2002 Lab Instructor Environment of the Earth (GEOL 103),  Intro to the Earth (GEOL 101) and Environment (ENVR 101)